Thursday, April 14, 2016

We Believe Blog Train - April 2016 - Comforter

This month's theme and colours was chosen by a member who is no longer involved in our train - Michelle. She decided to rejoin us and then decided against that decision but had in between done the choosing for this month. I hope you all enjoy what we have created.
Again because my kit are slightly larger than I used to design I have split them up again in papers and elements.

You can download the Elements HERE
and the Papers HERE

Now please continue on visiting the other blogs of the other designers taking part this month. As we are all living in different areas of the world, if you find someone has not shared their kit for this month please revisit their blog another day.

A-M Designs   ( you are here)

Monday, March 14, 2016

We Believe Blog Train - March 2016 - Garden of Gethsemane


This month I have created a slighter larger kit than what I usually do so to make it easier for those with slower internet I have divided the kit into two downloads - one for the embellishments (e) and  one for papers ( p )

I hope you enjoy the theme and colors as it was my turn this month to choose.

You can download the Embellishments  HERE
Download the Papers HERE

Now please continue on to the other blogs to download more from our Train this month
and as we are all living in different time zones ( two of us from Australia) you may sometimes find that someone has not yet shared their gift for you this month so please be patient and return to them on another day:

Darcie Deann Designs
Dreamn4ever Designs
Nellie Bell
Jemimas Digital Boutique

Friday, March 11, 2016

Scrap Girls Challenge - #sgdigispring

Years ago way back in 2008 when I started creating digital scrapbook pages, the first digital site forum I joined was Nuts 4 Digi which was an Australian site and suited me with me living here in Australia. They had classes I purchased to help me get started with my Photoshop Elements Software. Then I had a look around the web and found another site to join - Scrap Girls and I was so glad I joined it as I learnt so much there as the members where so willing to share their knowledge when I was trying to work something out. I fell in the love with the products in their store - things like "styles" and "actions" that Nuts 4 Digi did not have in their store. Well I stuck with Nuts 4 Digi and about three years ago the site closed. With Scrap Girls I have wandered away a few times and have now returned to be active there again as I have such a huge stash of the products I purchased there with most that I have never used.
This month I have started taking part in the monthly Challenge Chase and for this I need to share a layout on social media and as I do not do Facebook I decided to use this blog to share my layout. I need to include a hashtag which I will and have done in the title of the post. The theme for our page is "Spring".
So for those who visit my blog I hope you enjoy my page and please enjoy later in the month what I create for the We Believe Blog Train.

Credits:  Template - Painted Dream by Syndee Rogers Nuckles; papers from Evergreen by Jopke Designs; flower and bow from Shabby Blanc by Brandy Murry; tag from Peridot by Amanda Fraijo-Tobin


Saturday, February 27, 2016

Monday, February 15, 2016

We Believe Blog Train - February 2016 - God is Love

When Pauline chose our colors and theme for this month she did not check to see what we did last year and I am sorry to say... it is the same theme "God is Love" but totally different colors.
So I do hope you enjoy what we have all created for giving away. Our little list is a little longer this month as we have two other designers joining us - Gloria and Cyndi.

My preview shows a border cluster with the large word "LOVE" and it is in the kit but also the individual elements that make it up are in the kit.

You can download this kit HERE

Now please continue on your journey and collect some more.

Friday, January 15, 2016

We Believe Blog Train - January 2016 - Jesus is the Light of the World

For this month Darcie chose the theme of Jesus is the Light of the World.
Even with all the turmoil happening in the world we can cling to the fact that Jesus is the true light and He is the one we need to put our trust in.

I hope you enjoy what I have designed for you to download and use.

You can download this mini kit HERE

Now please continue on your journey to download more nice goodies:

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Tuesday, December 15, 2015


This of course is our last blog train for this year. Darcie chose the theme and colors which I hope you enjoy.

To those who come and download what we, Christian Designers create for you, may you be blessed in using what we give. May you also enjoy giving by sharing what you create with those you love as you create memory pages or greeting cards.

May your Christmas celebrations be happy and blessed times with family and friends. May 2016 bring you all good health and happy times.

Here is the preview to my kit which is divided into two parts as the file would have been too large for some with slow internet. There are 8 papers so I divided them between two folders and divided up the word art and elements. So please download both parts or you will not have the complete mini kit.

You can download Part 1 HERE
You can now download Part 2 HERE

Now please continue on your journey on our blog train to download more kits in this theme:

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