Friday, May 15, 2015

We Believe Blog Train - May - Faithful

We are only a small blog train but those who give away these kits hope you enjoy what we give. This month our theme is "Faithful" From next month on our themes will be the same as the Digi Hop but some of us will still include Christian content in what we give away. My kit is only small as I am busy preparing to open my very first store over at Ivy Scraps. Hope you enjoy what I have put together and remember that we are from different areas of the world and may not have our downloads ready at the same time. If you find someone without anything, please visit them the next day to see if they are then ready.
You can download this kit HERE

Now here is the list of designers taking part this month:

Dreamn4ever Designs
A-M Designs
Jemimas Digital Boutique
Digital Designs by Elisa

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Digi Hop - May - New Life

This month I am taking part in the Digi Hop hosted by Hummie.
I am busy getting ready to open my first store over at Ivy Scraps so I only did something  small for this blog train which works a little different than other blog trains as you will need to return to Hummie's blog to go to the next blog or facebook.
Here is the preview of what I am giving away:

You can download this  HERE

The We Believe Blog Train is still happening each month and there will be one this month with the theme - "Faithful" 

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Ivy Scraps Blog Train in Honor of one of the Designers - Celebrate Each Day with Gloria

Following are the words from Ivy Scraps owner - Jan Waite:

"Gloria and I have been friends through digital scrapbooking for several years. Many of you will know her from Moo Two and Ivy Scraps. For those who do know her, they will know how giving and how special she is. If you don't know her, then you are missing out on a very special friendship! Gloria and I now work together at Ivy Scraps and over the past months and years, she has created many lovely gifts for you that go into the newsletter or into the forum. Once a month or bi-monthly she creates a kit in honor of one of our design, CT or membership family. We are not talking Mini kits here. We all know that Gloria is from Texas and they do everything BIG there! Her kits are no exception and into each one goes a lot of thought about the person she is shining the spotlight on that month. Gloria's heart is as big as the state of Texas and the design team at Ivy Scraps decided it was time to give some of that love right back to her. She loves her family, especially those grandchildren!! She loves to take road trips, to design, to read, helping others and giving to those who need her. I'll bet some of you know she LOVES to bake cupcakes. Once at Ivy Scraps her avatar was the cupcake lady!! So, Gloria, in honor of all that you love and all that you do and in return for all of the love that pours from your heart to the Ivy Scraps family, we hope you will be able to use this kit as you celebrate the special days and special things in your life. Thank you for being such an awesome friend and inspiration to us all! To the rest of you, follow the blog train and pick up the pieces of the kit Celebrate Each Day with Gloria! "

For my part of the blog train I have created a template:

You can download this HERE

Here is the sample page I created using my template and the lovely kit you will find on Lily Belle Design's blog:

I hope you enjoy visiting the remainder of the blogs to collect some lovely  kits to form a large kit.

Here is the list to follow:

  Jan's Ivy Scraps 
A-M Designs -   YOU ARE HERE
Jemima's Digital Boutique
Joanne K. Scrapstuffs
KatLen Kreations
LilyBelle Designs 
Marniejo's House of Scraps
TravlynWomyn Designs

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

We Believe Blog Train - April 2015 - REBIRTH

The chosen theme for this month is Rebirth chosen by Paula Thompson ( Dreamn 4 Ever Designs).
With this being the month to celebrate the Risen Lord the theme Rebirth is a good one for us to think about.  Have you really experienced being Born Again as the Lord says we should do in order to truly be His follower?  I hope that you have or will seek to be so.

I have some news to share with those who visit this  blog.  In June I may be starting to sell my designs in a store. So if you like what I create please keep an eye out for when I share that news fully. It is a store where prices for kits is very low and so makes them very affordable for those on low budgets.

Here is my preview for this month's kit:

You can download this kit  HERE

Now please enjoy your short ride on our blog train:

Dreamn4ever Designs
A-M Designs
Jemimas Digital Boutique

Sunday, March 15, 2015


With the seasons at a stage of change both in the northern and southern hemisphere we chose the theme of "CHANGE" for our kits this month.
As Christians  it is a wonderful truth to grasp that our Lord never changes. His love and forgiveness  for us is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.

I came across this quote that I thought I would share:

Sometimes God doesn't change your situation
Because He is trying to change your heart.

Here is the preview of the kit I created. I hope those who download this will enjoy using it.

You can download this  HERE

Here is the list of designers taking part in this blog train. If you come across anyone who does not have something for this month, please continue to the next one:

Dreamn4ever Designs
A-M Designs  ( You are here )
Cajun Diva Scraps
Digital Designs by Elisa

Sunday, February 15, 2015


This month our theme is God is Love.  I hope you enjoy my kit for this month as I enjoyed putting it together.
God's love is the greatest love anyone can experience. His love is unconditional. His love is everlasting. His love is ever forgiving ( oh! .... how I need that part of His love so often).

Here are two quotes by Oswald Chambers concerning our love for others because He ( God) first loved us and so we should then  "Love one another":

"Love is the outpouring of one personality in fellowship with another personality."
"Love is not premeditated, it is spontaneous, i.e., it bursts up in extraordinary ways."

Here is the preview of my kit for those who want to download it:

Download this kit  HERE

Here is the list of designers taking part in this blog train:

Dreamn4ever Designs
A-M Designs   (  you are here )
Cajun Diva Scraps
Digital Designs by Elisa  ( this designer may not be taking part this month but please check her blog just in case )

Thursday, January 15, 2015


Welcome to the start of a new year.
For this month the theme is Hope with a lovely color swatch chosen by one of our participating designers.

As I will be away with my husband cruising to New Zealand from here in Australia, I have to pre-post this blog and am only including two other designers who have their kits ready. So please check their blogs for any additional blogs to visit.

Here it the preview of what I am giving you this month. There are two files to download with one being only the alpha and numbers.

You can download the kit   HERE
and you can download the alpha and numbers  HERE

Please enjoy your journey as you visit the other designer's blogs:

Dreamn4ever Designs
A-M Designs   ( you are here)